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KETO® by qsta

KETO PM® | Night time Ketosis Supplement (45 DAYS)

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Venture into a supportive nightly routine with our KETO PM® supplement, designed to accompany you for 45 nights. This supplement is crafted with a blend of MCT Oil C8, aiming to be a gentle companion as you continue your wellness journey. Whether you are following a ketogenic diet or not, the formulation is tailored to complement various dietary routines.

  • Blend of MCT Oil C8, designed to support your nightly routine.
  • Suitable for both individuals on a keto diet and those who are not.
  • Comes with a KETOPLUS+ plan that includes access to health professionals, weekly menu suggestions, a recipe book, and a calorie tracking app for a comprehensive support system.
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified laboratory, ensuring quality and safety.