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CNC® by qsta

BRNR21® | Controls Sugar Cravings

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  • 🌟1550+ DROPS AGAINST SUGAR: BRNR21 is a supplement to 1. Reduce the body's ability to absorb sugar, 2. Assist with sugar metabolism in a healthier way and 3. Reduce the desire to consume sweets. With zero calories & zero glycemic index, BRNR21 is for anyone including those on diets, nutritional plans and/or detox processes. Leave sugar behind and every time you crave sweetness, pop the drops in your mouth or drink and get on with your life.
  • 🔥 USE THE EXTRA ENERGY ACCUMULATED (bye-bye sucrose): BRNR21 encourages the use of the extra energy you've built up from over-consumption of calories. By reducing sucrose (fructose & glucose) absorption and decreasing sugar consumption when using the drops when you desire sweets, your body can use the extra energy stored to keep you alert and functional at a muscular and cerebral level (even while you sleep).
  • 💚 REDUCES THE DESIRE FOR SWEETS INSTANTLY: BRNR21 is a 1550+ drops supplement designed to be used in moments of weakness when you desire sweets. When you have desire sweet, pop the drops in your mouth and satisfy the desire immediately. BRNR21 formula contains a specifically dosed ultrafiltrate of organic stevia & pure erythritol to give you a healthy sweetness without affecting insulin (zero glycemic index).
  • 🤓 HOW TO USE BRNR21?: To obtain the protective effect against sugar, apply 4 drops 3 times/day. The drops can be placed directly in the mouth (under the tongue) or diluted in 200-250mL of liquid (coffee, tea or water). When you feel the desire to consume sweets, put the drops in your mouth (amount depending on your tolerance to sweets) and satisfy the sweet desire immediately. They are sweeter than sugar and do not elevate insulin.
  • 🤝 WE ASSUME THE RISK FOR YOU: We are proud of the products we offer, but we also understand that our supplements may not work for everyone, as every body and every experience is unique. If it doesn't work for you after customising it with our team, let us know and we promise to fix it with either a new product free of charge or your money back.