QSTA Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program offers a generous commission structure for participants. Affiliates will earn a 15 up to 25% commission on all sales generated through their unique referral links.

Additionally, they can earn an extra 5% commission on sales made by affiliates they refer to the network. This creates a rewarding opportunity for affiliates to not only benefit from their own sales but also from the success of the affiliates they bring onboard.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Enrollment: To participate in our affiliate program, you must complete the application process and agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Eligibility: Anyone aged 18 years or older can join our affiliate program, subject to meeting our criteria and approval.
  • Commission Structure: Affiliates will earn a 20% commission on the total sales generated through their unique referral links. In addition, they will receive an extra 5% commission on sales made by affiliates they personally refer to the network.
  • Payment Threshold: Payments will be made when an affiliate's accumulated commission balance reaches a minimum of $100 (or the equivalent amount in any other currency). Once the threshold is met, payments will be processed.
  • Payment Schedule: Payments will be processed on a monthly basis, within 30 days after the end of the previous month. Please ensure that your payment details are accurate and up to date to receive your earnings promptly.
  • Payment Methods: We offer various payment methods such as bank transfers, PayPal, or other mutually agreed-upon options. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to provide accurate payment details and update them if necessary.
  • Refunds and Chargebacks: In the event of a refund or chargeback initiated by a customer, the corresponding commission will be deducted from the affiliate's account balance.
  • Prohibited Activities: Affiliates must not engage in any unethical or fraudulent activities, including but not limited to spamming, false advertising, or misrepresentation of our products or brand. Violation of these terms may result in immediate termination from the affiliate program and forfeiture of any pending commissions.
  • Termination: Either party may terminate the affiliate relationship at any time for any reason. Upon termination, any outstanding commission balance below the payment threshold will be forfeited.
  • Modifications: We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. Affiliates will be notified of any changes via email or through our affiliate portal.
  • Relationship: Participation in our affiliate program does not establish an employment or agency relationship between the affiliate and our company. Affiliates are independent contractors responsible for their own taxes and legal obligations.
  • Limitation of Liability: We shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or in connection with the affiliate program, including but not limited to lost profits or business interruption.
By joining our affiliate program, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to review and approve each affiliate application, as well as monitor affiliate activities for compliance.

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